Are you working to get more locally grown food in schools? To protect farmland? To develop your food enterprise? To run a composting program in your community? To increase access to healthy food?

The Greater Quabbin Food Alliance is a network that connects people and resources within our food system in the North Quabbin and beyond.

Just one hundred years ago, every community in our region had most of the land base, infrastructure, and relationships needed to sustain community needs. Since then, we’ve lost many of the farms and local businesses tied to the agricultural economy. We’ve also lost many of the skills, local distribution networks, and physical infrastructure (butcher shops, granges, root cellars) which supported these systems.

Today, our region is full of individuals, farmers, businesses, organizations, and local governments who are all working to revive and sustain our communities. The more we can come together to share our challenges, needs, and resources, the more successful and resilient we will be.

Join the conversation! Connect, learn, and share resources via our mailing list, our bi-annual forum, and/or a working group.