Food Waste Reduction and Composting

We throw away a huge percentage of the food we produce – wasting a precious resource that could be used to feed people, animals, and the soil. We are working to build connections and infrastructure to prevent and recover food waste.

Current Projects:

The Food Waste Reduction and Composting group identified a need to increase knowledge about composting in the region. Members of the group are now working towards offering a series of workshops for event planners to share ideas and resources for improving organic waste diversion at area events. In previous years, the group generated an interest in starting a gleaning program with more research still needed to see if a program like this would be suitable for our region.

Students from the Quabbin Composting and Organic Gardening Program in Hubbardston, MA working to educate peers about sustainable waste disposal, through the creation of new waste receptacles and a composting site.

Potential Initiatives:

  • Encourage Collaborative purchasing of compostable items for events and businesses.
  • Continue to build local food waste working group.
  • Offer small-scale (backyard or neighborhood) composting classes.
  • Create stronger networks for gleaning food from farms and distributing it to pantries and kitchens.
  • Work with local haulers and businesses to coordinate compost collection.
  • Engage with event planners to facilitate the use of compostable gear at local events
Rick Innes from Clear View Composting posing with some locally roasted coffee chaff from Deans Beans to be composted at his commercial composting facility in Orange.


If you are interested in getting involved in any of the working groups, please contact Rocio Lalanda at

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